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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 9AM  ABC  December 7, 2009 9:00am-10:00am EST

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good monday @&c% 9:00 a.m. thank you for joining us. i'm megan pringle. >> i like that. one size fits all. >> i love it. >> you've been talking about it since you got it. >> steve surprised me this morning and gave me a snuggie. i've wanted one for a while. he made my day. >> it's a ravens thing. scotty d is here. he said put the ravens logo on, maybe a number on the back and wear them to the games. >> ray lewis in a snuggie. >> comfortable? >> yeah. >> what is going on today? >> great programs. santa to a senior. the time of year when we're
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doing so much for others. toy drives are going on. one area we should think about more, senior citizens. it's easy to do. we'll tell you how to get involved. >> david, charles dickens younger brother is here to talk about that -- ok. scotty d, on "squareoff." he was for a couple of things, against a couple of things. he'll tell us about buying a car. we've led you up to the moment. let's go buy. >> we talk about your money. dale horn is here. it's getting to the end of the year. he'll let us know what to do. >> carl delmont e-mailed me this morning. credit report numbers are changing. are you kidding me? so he's got new numbers here. now we may fall -- you may have thought you were better off than you were. not you're not. we're going to talk about that with carl delmont coming up. >> you're ruining my warm and fuzzy mood with that. >> sorry.
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feel ok? >> i do. >> what is the body temperature now? >> warmer. i mean, it works. >> you're making me sweat. let's look at weather with justin berk. >> the snuggie is warm and fuzzy. hard to take you seriously with that. good morning. we've got snow on the ground. cool temperatures and check out summit ridge in mount airy, watching the clouds roll in, wintry scene in the western section of howard county. 23 degrees. 24 with a mostly cloudy setup at the parkville middle school in baltimore county. it looks like hardly any snow ?iefd yesterday's sunshine -- survived yesterday'sshine. anne arundel community college in glen burnie, certainly 29. regional radar showing snowflakes mainly to the north and west. if anything we may get a couple of flurries midday and in the afternoon. we're expecting a downtown number of 43 for the 2-degree guarantee. even if a flake falls it likely won't stick. back to the 20s overnight.
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back to you. our top story -- we want to start with the report a juror in the baltimore mayor sheila dixon's trial participated in a public event with the mayor and a key prosecution witness. the reports are juror shawana tyler received a $324 prize in the sweep stakes sponsored by a city agency three years ago. there was no disclosure with the event prior to the trial saying she didn't remember the mayor was at the event or it was sponsored by a city agency. the mayor was convicted last week for misappropriate rating gift cards intended for charity. the president is juggling jobs and bailouts and the health care before heading overseas to talk about climate change. new numbers today show that taxpayers will make billions on the bank bailout. tomorrow the president unveils his plan to create new jobs. this new push for health care reform reaches its critical mass in the senate. abc2 news viviana hurtado looks at what will be a very busy
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week for the president. >> reporter: the president will push hard this week to move health care legislation forward. it comes off of yesterday's trip to capitol hill, in a rare sunday session, to give democrats a pep talk. >> he wishes to work with us in a meaningful way. >> reporter: president obama called health care reform the most important domestic legislation since social security was signed into law almostp 0 years -- 70 years ago. republican remained unified in their opposition to the bill. >> the health care bill is a jobs killer. >> reporter: the president will also be focused on the economy this week. later today congress will receive a report that is expected to show a $20 billion profit from the tarp money invested in banks and returned. the tarp is projected to lose $30 billion on both its investments in aig and the automakers. the program should get back about $116 billion from banks, that is about a third of the total investment.
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congress is divided on how to use any returned tarp funds. >> the tarp money that is returned to the treasury is supposed to be used for retiring our debt, for -- not allowing our debt to continue to rise as it's been. >> creating jobs reduces the deficit. i think the tarp funds are an appropriate use. >> reporter: in a speech tomorrow to congress the president is expected to lay out his plan to create jobs. he'll focus on the green economy, incentives for small businesses and spending on infrastructure. viviana hurtado, abc news, washington. there are new concerns about one of the most popular toys this holiday season. parents across the country have been snatching up zhu zhu hamsters, the fake hamsters like this one. as abc2 news andrea canning tells us a consumer watch dog group says they may not be safe for children. >> reporter: these squeal, you can tuck them in bed at night. >> wake up, zhu zhu head. ♪ zhu zhu is everywhere♪
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>> reporter: the life turnpike -- lifelike hamsters flying off the shelves but the good guide advocate group says mr. squiggles contains high amounts of antimony. >> it's a metal with potential health hazards related to it, in high enough levels it can lead to cancer and other human health hazards. >> reporter: it's commonly found in toys but the government limits it to 60 parts per million. testers say they found up to 103 parts per million in mr. squiggles. in the wake of recent toy recalls for high lead levels and other problems there's heightened concern. in this case a renowned toxicologist we spoke with believes even with the levels of antimony they are far too low to cause any long or short term health problems. the maker says they use a
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different test, and that test, not the x-ray is the industry standard. >> we're not recommending that you throw them away but if you're concerned about this we recommend you either call the company or potentially return the product un. if you feel it's not safe enough for your kids. >> reporter: the maker of zoo -- zhu zhu pets released this statement -- >> that was andrea canning reporting. stay with us. many of you are thinking of buying a car but you need to be prepared. >> scotty says you need a game plan. you've done the research. but make sure you're controlling the deal. >> hard to believe there's only a few weeks left in 2009 which means time to clean up the financial books. we have simple tips to get the work done. >> this time of year is about giving back to others. we'll show you how to help a senior. coming up next. (announcer) this holiday there's only one gift
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>> on a previous segment we discussed how you should do your homework before buying a car. how you should work the internet, find your make, model and then if to the dealer, take a test drive. now let's talk. >> now we're going to talk about choosing a dealer. >> oh. >> choosing a dealer. >> how do you do that? >> well, the first thing you do is start with your options. check and see who represents that make and where their geographical location is to you. you may want to buy from a completely different place where you service. that is not uncommon. your warranty is the same as cash. so any dealer is happy to do your warranty work. they are getting paid to do it >> dealer reputation. how do i find out? >> i found the greatest little tool for this, for folks. folks, >> one more time? >> dealerrate deal --
9:12 am this site gives you blog information from consumers who actually serviced or bought at that particular dealership or chain of dealerships all around the area, their experiences, their thoughts, their comments, and it will tell you everything you would want to know. >> they to -- tell you about purchasing and warrants? what else? >> the attitudes, the atmosphere of the dealership. how they were when issues might have came up, how they handled these issues. and it gives you a rating from 1 to 5. the dealer rating. i think, folks, you would be well served to spend some time on that site. >> we go into the shop, we're ready, do our homework, now we're sitting down. if i know what i'm armed with how to disarm the dealer? >> simple, in a nonconfrontational way, you have the facts. you're going to know what dealer a has offered you, what dealer b has offered you, what
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dealer c has offered you. if the dealer that you want to buy from does not beat these, well, quite frankly, you may want to think whrot you want to buy -- whether or not you want to buy. remember, all dealers pay the same. consequently, any dealer can make any price. >> ok. if i go in -- say i'm going in for a car at $10,000. they are up at $12,000, my bargain line is $8,000. how long is it going to take them to come to my price? >> there's no set formula but quite frankly you're better off not getting into the negotiations from that standpoint. you do it once every few year. they do it several times a day. they are going to be considerably better. >> can you tell me right away, if i walk into your shop you know i'm ready to buy? can you look me in the eye and know? >> the good thing would be if you had your tile stick ought of your pocket. that's a good sign there or
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your checkbook. there's no clear cut answer to that. i mean, there are telltale signs, certainly. >> scotty d. lets put it up again. >> i love the site. i suggest the viewers go to it before they go out and spend hair hard-earned money. >> coming up in a couple weeks, still working on the signed signature. >> we'll work on that. >> if you have questions, find us on-line at ask scotty your auto question. e-mail him at justin berk. >> good news, we're back to freezing which means we'll go above freezing as we go through today. this helps to eat at some of the snow pack though we have mostly cloudy skies overhead. temperatures still in the 20s, western pennsylvania, most of western maryland where light snow is once again falling this. system itself beginning to fall apart staying into the mountains. we have a band of clouds
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overhead. we'll get breaks of sun but there's still a chance of flurries trying to go through as this one system skirts on by. it will recent force and lock in the cold air and set the stage for the next weather system. as you pull this back and look you can see the, i guess the spreading out here of the moisture field with rain on down towards our south and we've got ourselves, well, the next storm beginning to take shape in the same general setup. we're going to expect to have, again, partly cloudy skies to mostly cloudy skies, with frurries into the afternoon but the next storm starting to take shape is going to dump pretty moderate-to-heavy snow across the great lakes, cities like detroit through chicago and northbound with rain on down towards the south. this is going to be a very interesting setup because there's a split with some of the computer models. as to the timing of this. and how strong and how long that cold air will hang on. this one particular model, our adonis model, highlighting it 1:00 a.m. wednesday. so just after midnight. some of that moisture gets in here. and may start with a mix of
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sleet and some freezing rain. the warm air and rain doominating west and south of baltimore will move in. that will be the situation for the morning. there's 8:00 a.m. wednesday. we'll have a chilly rain throughout the day but the ice issue could be an issue for the commute. if we hang on to the cold air a little longer. here's the setup for today, mostly cloudy, 2-degree guarantee in downtown baltimore at 43. but with that system to our northwest flurries possible, carroll county 38. 40 degrees in parkton. tonight we settle back to 28. for tomorrow, partly sunny skies, clouds from the next storm late in the day and overnight at 43. plan for the chance of early ice wednesday but 44 and rain in the afternoon. ?rurs thursday and more light snow showers as we drop into the 30s saturday and sunday. >> thank you very much. this is certainly the time of year when we reach out and help others. whether it may be a charity or act of kindness, a donation, we can certainly all help out so how about helping out a senior citizen in your community.
9:17 am
david dickens joins us to tell us how to be a santa to a senior. thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> how does this program work? >> it's pretty simple. we put trees up at major retail stores, wal-marts and k-marts in anne arundel county and howard counties primarily. there are ornaments. on the ornament is a name of a needy senior along with the list of a couple of things they would like, such as scarves, gloves, basic items. people take the ornament off the tree, buy the gift, leave it in a gift box beside the tree and we collect them, we have gift wrap parties which actually are being held this week. and once we've wrapped the gifts we distribute them to the needy seniors throughout the community. >> i think it's a neat idea because you're already at a store. you can find out a senior needs slippers. you can drop it off there. >> that's why we do it.
9:18 am
people are there with the shopping carts anyway. it's a matter of grabbing an ornament, one or two small items in the cart. rub the checkout regardless. >> what reaction do you get from senior sit ?ens >> it's kind of unbelievable. i've delivered a number of gifts over the years myself. this is actually the 6th year for this program. and, when we knock on their door and come in, at first they are a little reticent, of the stranger at the door. but once they see the gifts, they are usually just overwhelmed. many of the folks live alone. they don't have nearby relatives, if it was not for this they would be spending a very lonely and quiet christmas. >> i was just going to ask you about that. a lot of times we think about children who nay not have gifts but senior citizens are often sort of forgotten about. is that an area we need to think about more often. >> that's why we started this program. at this time of year everyone is in a charitable mood.
9:19 am
and there are many programs that are aimed at providing gifts for needy children. which are, you know, appropriate for this time of year. but we do tend to forget there are a lot of needy seniors out there as well. needy and also lonely because a lot of them don't have family around. >> you go on the web site and you can actually punch in your zip code and find out where you can go? >> yes. the web site is called you can type in your zip code and it will give you the list of the stores with the giving trees, yes. >> how much time do we have? >> 10 more days. trees are up until the 16th -- i had to think for a minute -- 16th of december. so folks have more time. actually, after that, if they were to contact us we would still be happy to come and get the gifts. >> david dickens, thank you very much for coming in. what a wonderful thing you're
9:20 am
doing. >> thank you. pleasure to be here. >> great job. thank you. they've become as common as a box of tissues. we're talking about hand sanitizers. coming up, we're addicted to them. aren't we? how they've become big business now. right now why don't you run to your cupboard and send us a cup of joe, 6400 york road. all it is is a mug, put your mug on tv, charity, business, we'll give you a plug. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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(announcer) yoplait's perfect blend of real fruit and the goodness of dairy... just a peel away. explore all 25 delicious flavors. yoplait. it is so good.
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it's the season for shopping santa. everybody's doing this hand sanitizing. >> this year at your local shopping mall santa is probably packing a little bottle of germ-killing jeg in his bag, he's not alone. >> hand sanitizer dispensers are popping up everywhere. are we becoming a nation addicted to the stuff? union went to find out. >> reporter: casey is a self-proclaimed germ freak. i used to wash to the point where my knuckles were bloody all the time.
9:24 am
they would get chafed. >> reporter: he found a solution in a bottle, hand sanitizer, lots of it. >> 20 to 30 times a day. >> reporter: he has hand sanitizer throughout his house. even have a special driving routine. i have it in the car. rub it on the steering wheel. >> reporter: his methods may seem excessive but it's hard to argue with his results. do you ever get sick? >> no, i haven't been sick in three years. >> reporter: sandra turco is another avoid hand sanitizer subscriber. >> one in my kitchen counter, one in my handbag and one in my car. >> reporter: in the wake of the h1n1 outbreak her focus shifted from her hands to her daughter's. >> put your stuff down and wash your hands. >> i remind her to use it when she's at recess or when she gets off the puss. you -- bus. you can imagine the germs on the back of the bus.
9:25 am
>> reporter: 8-year-old aly sandra is well trained. >> she says use it a lot, not too much. they are not just good hygiene but also great business. sales are up 70% over last year creating a cottage industry for clever entrepreneurs. >> we're trying to change the way people sanitize. >> reporter: julie parsons and mark montopoly are the creators of stay safe. parsons had been in the beer business, mark ran a processing plant. they found they were not the only ones looking to make a dollar in hand hygiene, >> the industry is so overwhelmed with people that want to get into the business you couldn't get into the business. >> reporter: they got in and got busy. they initially hoped to sell around 10,000 bottles but just weeks later sales have topped 40,000. >> people are very aware they need to sanitize and have good hand hygiene. so, yes, h1n1 unfortunately is
9:26 am
good for our type of business. >> reporter: while much of the economy may be lagging, this industry is clearly cleaning up. >> a lot of people are paying more attention now to common-sense hand hygiene practices. that is why products like hand sanitizers are so useful. >> reporter: and so addictive. as long as h1n1 is around beard says he'll be sanitizing every half-hour. >> i know it's a little neurorottic and definitely over the edge but it's the peace of mind that i don't are have to worry about the stuff crawling on my plans. >> reporter: for "good morning america," yunji yunji di nies, abc news, washington. >> you go nuts when? >> at the grocery store and the gym. there are so many people using all the machines, sweaty and funky. >> how about public restrooms? you wash up and grab the handle they ought to come up with an
9:27 am
invention there. >> you can take the paper towel. >> wow. we've thought about this a long time. the end of the year is coming. that means cleaning up the books. >> our financial expert dale horn has come up with simple tips to get the end of the year finances all tied up. >> the doctor of mortgage business is here with us. carl delmont, just when you thought your credit score was good it's changing.
9:28 am
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it's creeping closer and closer to the end of the year. it's a good time to get all your finances in check. where do you start and what is the number one thing you need to do? dale horn is here to set us straight and forget all about the finances. you've got a plane to catch. everyone here is jealous. i know, we're going to talk about finances but tell them. >> we're headed to lambeau field for the game tonight. i was saying to somebody, i don't know how well i'm going to do on the tube today because i'm giddy with excitement. it's going to be such an
9:31 am
incredible game. i am going to need the snuggie. >> i'm not giving you that. you should get one. it's purple and then you can represent. finances. >> yes, it's the season of giving so let's talk about proper giving first. what i want to address here, when you are giving to charities or if you're giving to children or anybody else in your family, there are two things to be aware of. first, to make this the most effective strategy possible you want to give what is known as appreciated securities. that simply means stocks or bonds that have grown in value over a year's time. you can give that full value away and take that full tax break if you're giving to a charity as opposed to giving cash. the other opportunity is a donor advised fund. it's almost like your mini private foundcation or family foundation, can be set up for as little as $25,000, put that vehicle to work and drift to charities over the years but get the full deduction this year. check with your adviser. >> what else? >> number two, the stimulus package which passed the
9:32 am
beginning of the year, there are tax breaks in the package you might want to take advantage of. automobiles being a great one because the state sales tax is deductible for this year. if you're buying a really nice present for christmas, you might want to check that out. then last, at the end of the year, let's take this opportunity to get organized and rebalance your portfolio. i can't tell you where the markets are going to be from a year from now but i will say we're definitely going to have higher taxes and higher interest rates at some point in the future us a you rebalance, meaning meaning as you go to the portfolio and get reorganized and get back to the proper mix keep in mind you may want to take a portion of your portfolio and prepare it for, again, higher taxes and inflation that might come with higher interest rates. >> hope - hopefully you're wrong with the taxes but probably not. >> i hope so. you >> you mentioned giving. in the spirit of giving you could always give your tickets to the green bay game to jamie and i. >> i might have to
9:33 am
trade a ticket for a snuggie. >> sorry, jamie. thank you so much for all the advice. jamie? now to our weekly mortgage monday segment. you're staying right here. >> yes. >> there you go. carl delmont from freedmont mortgage. a couple of weeks ago you told us about fha. >> new rules. >> when it comes to condos. now fannie mae is coming out with new rules? >> next week they are changing other rules as well. they are going to create a new minimum credit score. they were 580, now they go to 620. in order to get a fannie mae performing loan you have to have at least a 620 middle score if you're married it will be the middle score of the three scores of either borrower. you have to watch that now. you may have a good score but your spouse could have a lower score and that will hurt you as well. >> will that hurt or help condo sales? what do you think? >> i think it will potentially hurt some sales. what is going to happen is that what you're looking for is with
9:34 am
credit scores -- sorry, you're looking at condo sales -- sorry about that. it's going to hurt i think. a lot of people with credit scores being dropped on credit lines. >> it could freeze out a lot of buyers >> yeah. >> also, if you have a foreclosure. in the last -- how many years? >> that's changing, too. it's now -- the rules will affect you for at least five years. you won't be able to buy a second home or investment property. if you're going to buy a house after foreclosure, you need a 6 80 minimum score and 10% down. there are a number of things coming out, and once again, we talked before, about a little anchor around the ankles of people trying to buy things. a lot of credit card companies are raising interest rates and freezing limits. that in itself is lowering credit scores. the other thing is it's not so much -- it's a lot of the
9:35 am
unemployment that is hurting people as well, hurting scores. but there's good stuff. refi plus was supposed to help you with equity. prior to this, hardly anyone qualified because very few programs were eligible. now they are going to start allowing adjustable rate mortgages, interest only loans, and will hopefully open up the market. >> the lenders are aware of the new programs? >> if you're selling to fannie mae or freddie mac, these are the rules. if they don't make loans -- we conform to the companies' guidelines. >> the word on the street is don't pay -- how in the world does that go to the people? >> because of the programs out there. you're hearing your neighbor has 17 plasma tvs and got behind on his mortgage and comes over and brags about watch the game on my 17 tvs, i got a 3% rate -- this refi
9:36 am
plus was supposed to help people. now they will allow if you have lender finance, that will go into the muprogram. a lot of people took interest-only. 30-year fixed rate, first 10 years you can do the -- they were ineligible, starting next week they can come back in. a little bit of good, a little bit of bad. we'll see what happens. >> that's the mortgage business. if you have a question for carl delmont e-mail us at "good morning maryland," this is mortgage questions for carl, he's here every monday for "mortgage monday." back to you and mr. green bay. >> still trying to get that snuggie. if you're planning on buying a use the x-box you may want to think twice. coming up, you may think you're saving money by doing this but how long will the game console really work? and, ladies, ready to buy the next pair of shoes perhaps? before you buy we have some simple tips on the latest
9:37 am
fashions. >> there's a winter storm watch for green bay, wisconsin. tomorrow. aha. that storm is going to have some winter impacts on us as well. today, just a partly sunny to mostly cloudy sky, perhaps a flurry and we're trying to slide through the 30s. we'll talk about the complete 2-degree guaranteed forecast and outlook for more wintry weather when we come back. (announcer) give yourself the ultimate holiday gift - the verizon quad play. and save $14.99 a month for a year. call now and you'll get verizon wireless, america's most reliable wireless network - plus mind- blowing verizon fios tv - plus lightning- fast fios internet - plus unlimited nationwide calling - all together for an insanely low $134.99 monthly access for 12 months with one year agreements. it's a bundle you can't get with cable. call now and we'll add a special gift of $150 back. it adds up to the deal of the year. there's only one thing that doesn't add up:
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they are one of the hottest gifts, the x box gaming system but if looking for a used one you have to be careful. hand systems are hitting the market but there's a problem you need to know about. abc2 news joce sterman has the details on why the buyer should beware. >> reporter: a not toy many kids have -- a hot toy many kids have on the list but because a new x-box could break the bank some parents are shopping for used units, you can find them on line and in stores. the problem is you may not be able to find out if the x-boxes have been banned. the ban won't stop it from working but you won't be able to play games on-line with friends, download updates or connect with the live service. if the console was modified or used to play pirated games microsoft can ban it permanently. the ban is for the machine itself, not the owner. e-bay has a warning out letting people know and some sellers are up front about the ban listing it in the description
9:41 am
but not everyone is playing fair. so before you buy ask if the used x-box has been banned. and if you can try to connect it to the internet to see for yourself. otherwise the x-box you buy won't be nearly as exciting for your kid. joce sterman, abc2 news. >> last month microsoft banned nearly one million x-boxes after users got access and started to play a game before its release. they are now flooding the marketplace to keep it in mind. we're going to go shoe shopping, coming up next. stay with us. (announcer) give yourself the ultimate holiday gift - the verizon quad play. and save $14.99 a month for a year.
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call now and you'll get verizon wireless, america's most reliable wireless network - plus mind- blowing verizon fios tv - plus lightning- fast fios internet - plus unlimited nationwide calling - all together for an insanely low $134.99 monthly access for 12 months with one year agreements. it's a bundle you can't get with cable. call now and we'll add a special gift of $150 back. it adds up to the deal of the year. there's only one thing that doesn't add up: staying with cable. we've put them all together so you can save more than ever - verizon wireless, plus fios tv, plus fios internet, plus home phone - save $14.99 a month. call now and we'll add $150 back. make the holidays extra special with verizon quad play. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v
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it's that year for the kinder time toy drive. hopefully you're in the giving mood. give to the toy drive. you buy the toys, drop them off at certain locations and they are distributed across the state of maryland to kids who are less fortunate. >> let's put it up on the board. go to any wal-mart, state police, community bank, athletic club, anne arundel community college and baltimore county fire departments along with the hippodrome and here at 6400 york road. we're your home office. we will hand out the toys to the kids on december 22nd. time now for our featured events. i got an e-mail from a woman
9:45 am
named regina. wants you to know about the opportunity to take your pet and get your pet's picture with santa. get the photo. it's at anne arundel county. on december 12th, 11:00, $7. for more information contact the an arundel spca. the eighth annual art mart is coming up. open air marketplace. all vendors attending the show must make functional items. we're talking about homemade soap, jewelry, even homemade dog treats. and they have a masseuse and local hair salon will be there also giving free hair cuts. 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 on the 12th. >> you have an event in your community? send it to jamie, me or we'll be happy to announce whatever is happening in your community to everyone else.
9:46 am
let's look around the region now. on our storm center weathernet. we have got cameras loaded up with a temperature at the freezing mark. the cars have filled in and filed in at the harbor school in owings mills. again, they are sitting at 32 degrees and overcast sky, with a mostly cloudy to partly sunny, looks like some reflection off the rooftops and not much snow down there at anne arundel community college in glen burnie. they are still at a cooler 29. sitting at 30 in lisbon. they were the coldest spot in maryland this morning, as they dipped to 20 briefly and looking at a mostly cloudy sky with temperatures just slowly trying to move up here, westminster 31. 34 joppa. and eastern shore, we've got 38 in chestertown. mostly cloudy to partly sunny skies. as we've got one band of moisture that already pushed through. what we see here, not all reaching the ground but some flurries could pass through maryland. this is the season where we really slice this area in half. like we had it on saturday,
9:47 am
more snow to the north. much less around the bay. so any flurries today will be probably in the same locations. nothing expected to stick but this real shot of energy is actually going to set the stage for the next storm. it zips on through. not a lot with it. but the next one that moves in behind it is really going to dump heavy snow from the upper midwest and we were teasing dale horn about his trip to lambeau field but their snow is coming in tomorrow. they are expecting heavy accumulating snow through chicago and detroit. it's rain south of the areas and on in through the deep south but we're expecting to have our first sign of the storm after midnight, tuesday night through wednesday morning. could have sleet and snow that should turn to rain. when we hold on to the cold air sometimes it stays a little longer which could make for problems for that wednesday morning commute to work and school. today 43, mostly cloudy, flurries west and north of the city, 28, partly cloudy sky tonight. 40s again with thickening clouds. look for the chance of ice wednesday morning, 44 and rain in the afternoon. a flurry thursday but a better
9:48 am
chance of snow showers and 30s next weekend. here he is, our friend, mark allen harman. we're going shoe shopping. >> we are. >> i have the pair on my feet and sandals. that's all i have. >> really? two pairs of shoes? me too. about two. >> your clients that you take care of. what is the average in their closet? >> about 100 pairs. >> 100 pairs of shoes? >> women have different -- you don't understand women's needs. >> i guess not. >> you got outfits, you got seasons, boots, flip flops, you got sexy, you have to change to skirts or pants. >> and the different styles? >> first, remember, when you're buying shoes, comfort is the most important thing, ok? >> it is >> i'm scared of people buying shoes over the intirnt. you need to run in and actually true them on. if you buy them over the internet make sure it's a brand you know, that you've bought before. really, there's nothing like
9:49 am
running to the outlet and hooking yourself up with the department. this is a very important shoe. why is this important? >> why is it important, mark? >> it's called a double mary jane. the mary jane refers to the strap in here. then the open toe. what this tells people when you're wearing this, the open toe means your playful and approachable. and the strap means you're very functional. patent is fun. just imagine a woman in a black skirt. in this show versus a black skirt in a pointed toe wicked witch of the west shoe. so it's very important when you go to a job interview, unless you're interviewing to be the boss don't be putting on a pointed toe shoe. put on an approachable i'm a great - >> wiggle your toe to them? >> my goodness. then, sportswear.
9:50 am
who doesn't love new sneakers? if you work out three times a week you should purchase new sneakers every six months. otherwise the bottoms are out, there's no use for them. there's a nike, a puma and adidas outlet out there. why pay full price? i'm a big fan of adidas. but it's a great way to -- this has got some lavendar in it too. make sure your sneakers have some color. very important. usually with sneakers you go up a half size. guys, you want to buy your loved one a pair of sneakers for the holiday make sure you get a half size bigger than her pump size. she'll be wearing a thicker sock. >> these look different. >> this is a metallic. this hays more on the grain on it, laceup. this is playful. it's a very sexy shoe. do you think so? >> yeah. >> what makes it sexy? >> the holes in the side of the -- >> exactly, the peekaboo holes. the more of a high spiked heel
9:51 am
and laceup. inviting and playful. a great date shoe. >> open toe, i'm learning. >> open toe. >> here comes the personality. >> this is great, though. this is rounded toe. >> ok. that's all right. >> this is a very fashion shoe. you're going to need to be at like, coach outlet or the banana republic or ralph lauren for this kind of a shoe because this is like fashion. rounded toe, very strappy, t-strap thing here. you can see it goes around the ankle and down the front of the foot and it's a spiked he'll. this is a sexy shoe. >> is that a new years eve shoe? >> it's a great one for that. another great way to go is flats. some people with flats, they say i feel so drab. most women if they wear high heels, you ask them, they feel drab in flats.
9:52 am
when you do a flat with bling on the front, got to love that. whoo! she's dancing. got to love that. when do you a shoe like that -- you can get that bling at the outlets -- prime outlets, like $60. it will be $400 in madison avenue. you can wear this with pants or a great fitted skirt. the thing about flats and skirts. first of all, never do that with a long full length skirt. if you're doing the longer skirt make sure you're wearing a flat that has some bling on it. don't do just a plain flat because you're going to look dumpy and short. >> don't want to do that. our final pair. >> last but not least. this is a great merge of cork and leather. >> cork? >> cork. this is your resort shoe. between christmas and new years you need to go where? barbados. when but to barbados you put on
9:53 am
your great cork shoe. do not wear cork in the winter because you'll totally ruin yourself. and you got this great strappy look here, too. again, it's playful, it's a sandal. not a work shoe. of all the shoes this is a great work shoe. this is a great shoe if you're in pr/marketing. this is a great shoe for work if you're a kindergarten teacher. with little kids. >> mark, you're the best. in hagerstown. prime outlets. how many people call you and say will you go shopping with me tonight? how many people? >> oh, i have -- a crazy amount of friends that are like let's go shopping. i'm like, yeah. i love it. it's really, you though -- clothes are the way people express themselves. you tell the whole world who you are by what tie you choose everyday. >> mark, thank you very much for coming in. we'll be right back.
9:54 am
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9:56 am
time for the top five. the top economy related searches for 2009. according to student loans. >> "cash for clunkers" number four. >> number three, stimulus plan.
9:57 am
there number two, unemployment. >> and number one, snuggies! >> oh! >> coupons for snuggies! >> way to go. where is your snuggie? >> it's there. i can't wait. that's the problem with black pants. >> everything. >> what's the problem with the weather this afternoon? >> winter's here. winter's here. >> you're so excited. >> i am. it was a beautiful snow we had, for some of us. >> gorgeous. >> sticking to the trees. great photograph scenery. this afternoon, maybe a flurry but not sticking. 43, otherwise mostly cloudy with breaks of sun. 28 tonight and tomorrow 43 with thickening clouds. look out wednesday morning, could be ice early, could turn to rain and then we look for another chance of snow and 30s by the weekend. norm has more on that at 5:00. >> see you tomorrow.
9:58 am
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